Job Search Services

Ways in which we can help you

Ways in which we can help you

Career Strategies is committed to providing all of the services that a person seeking a career change, new job or alternative career could conceivably need. Above all, we have a distinguished career counseling and career coaching staff. We also  believe we offer the most comprehensive array of job search services available anywhere.

Our offerings are individualized to meet a client’s unique needs, and include nine primary services:

1 ) Identification of viable Career Options and Alternative Careers  – if you are considering a career change or want to explore alternative careers, we can guide you and crystallize your thinking.

2 ) Identification of a Job Search Competitive Edge whether looking for a new job or making a career change, our career counseling team can help you beat your competition.

3 ) Professional Resume writing and cover letters – presenting yourself effectively to the marketplace is critical for job search or career change success. Our career counseling team prepares marketing materials that produce interviews.

4 ) Training in innovative job search strategies designed for busy professionals, our Job Search Success System will give you the knowledge and job search assistance resources you need to make a successful career change or efficient job search.

5 ) Creation of personalized Marketing Action Plans – our career counselling pros will create a marketing plan to guide your job search step-by-step. This means much more than using recruiters and

employment agencies — it means taking charge of your career development and finding the best legal jobs or executive jobs you can command!

6 ) Job Search Coaching – career counselling and mentoring by our team of experts in job search and life coaching is the best way to shorten your job hunt campaign.

7 ) Interview preparation and salary negotiation – coming in second place is losing! Our career counselors will show you how to beat your competitors, get a new job, and negotiate a more lucrative compensation package.

8 ) Resume distribution via our Contacts & Connections – whether making a career change or looking for a lateral law job or executive position, our “Job Search Made Easier” programs can save you hundreds of hours of time.

9 ) Legal Recruiting Executive ‘Head-hunting’ – for those who qualify, our career counselling team can interface with key recruiters with companies and firms.

Regardless of the service chosen, our objective is to help you get the best job you can legitimately command, at the highest salary, in the least amount of time.





If you are a lawyer or executive looking for a new career at 40, 50 or 60, are seeking to change careers or explore a career change, we can help. If you are looking for new jobs in law, are looking at career options, contemplating an alternative career or alternative legal career, or need a life coach, career coach or career counselling in any form, give us a call today! We offer the full range of job search services, including executive and legal resumes, resume distribution to recruiters, leads for legal jobs and attorney jobs, career testing and much, much more.