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We are specialists in job search, particularly alternative careers for lawyers and executives. We have helped more than 2,000 clients find new positions in law, business, non-profits and universities. We work with attorneys, executives and other professionals earning $125,000+ per year. But we are not just about jobs … we are about helping people find the right jobs at the right salaries with the right work/life balance. If you are looking to see what else is “out there,” to explore your career options, or to move up in your current profession, we can help.

If you want to feel good about your career but don’t know how to begin, begin by calling us. Contact Career Strategies Group for a free initial consultation.

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“I went to law school for this?” It may be time to consider your career options.

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What else is “out there” for you?

What are your realistic career options, ones that you will enjoy, are qualified for, and will pay you the income needed to support your lifestyle? We can tell you.

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If you are relying on classifieds, recruiters and old fashioned networking, you are
missing out on the 80% of the positions that are in the hidden job market. Our Success System features little-known but highly effective techniques to shorten a search.

A key to the System is our powerful “Event” concept, which shows you how to find jobs before they are listed with classifieds or recruiters.

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If you are not getting interviews for jobs you know you are qualified for, then your resume is not working for you, it is working against you.

Our professional team of writers will give you a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and other materials that will generate interviews. You can count on us

We also offer consulting services for people who are considering setting up their own businesses (but aren’t what kind or how to get started) and we advise business owners looking to streamline their operations and improve their profits.


“I felt absolutely helpless because I submitted my resume to so many potential employers and either didn’t get a bite or was ultimately rejected.  I was also certain that I wanted to get out of law but wasn’t sure how to go about doing so, or even whether that was the right career decision for me. I knew even before coming to Career Strategies  that I was a valuable asset  to a company, but I now have a greater recognition of exactly what I do that imparts such value.  I believe that I even feel more validated now in my personal life …  Just the resume-recrafting services alone are worth it …  I wish I could tell more lawyers who feel chained to their current job duties or profession that there is a resource available to help them.

— Thanks, Pat! You just did!

Bruce instilled within me confidence that I wasn’t sure I had.  It was always super daunting for me to consider picking up and moving to New York City from Oklahoma.  It was even more daunting believing that I could find the right type of job that would “fit” me – as far as my skills, interests and personality are concerned.  Bruce got my confidence up and helped me put together a manageable plan.  It worked — and much faster than I truly believed it would.

I learned lots about myself and learned many good selling points for myself.  In the world of work, especially in the legal world of work, attorneys routinely get beaten down overtime and don’t even know it.  It can be very difficult to begin the process of change.  .  There are truly lots of good, noble things that attorneys can do in the world other than simply the traditional practice of law. Bruce helped to get it going for me. He is great!

— Thanks Ryan … and welcome to the Big Apple!

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