Get the Competitive Edge

Monetizing Your Career Portfolio

For those lawyers who wish to remain attorneys but who seek to find similar positions in-house or with another law firm, or executives who wish to remain in their same function but with a new organization, we have developed a special program:  “The Competitive Edge.”

If you are the GC of a public company and are seeking to be the Chief Legal Officer of another public company, you will be competing against other GCs whose backgrounds and qualifications are every bit as good as yours. If you are an Executive Vice President, COO or CEO, you are competing against the best and the brightest. Prevailing against a competitive set of this caliber requires a Competitive Edge.

If you are a law firm attorney and are seeking an in-house role, the competition is fierce. Over the years, a substantial percentage of our more than 2,000 clients have sought to change from law firms to in-house legal or in-house legal and business positions. The Competitive Edge program was created to give these clients an advantage in that very difficult market.

ATTENTION: General Counsel and C-level professionals!

This program is especially useful for General Counsels who are competing for the top corporate legal role, and for C-level executives who are looking for senior positions in corporations, non-profits or academia.

We know from our two decades of direct experience that in-house positions and C-Level posts are few and far between. We also know that those few positions that do exist are highly coveted.

The Competitive Edge fulfills three very crucial design missions:

number 1

To show, in clear terms, why you are a very, very good lawyer or executive and how you have proven it

number 2

To provide a competitive edge by identifying your unique contributory abilities and skills

number 3

To show why they should hire you versus another candidate with basically the same skills and experience

Clearly, the key to changing jobs successfully is to demonstrate the full scope of your abilities and the unique contributions you can make. The Competitive Edge program provides us with that information by establishing how and why you’ve been successful, and how these same skills can benefit your new employer. We can accurately document how you have gone “above and beyond” to produce results for your clients and/or employers.

By providing critical information about your contributory abilities and successes, Competitive Edge enables us to establish your “value proposition.”

The Competitive Edge process involves two or three meetings. Once we have established your competitive edge, we can then help you with a variety of other job search services, from resume development to expert guidance through the duration of your job search campaign.

Most job seekers make the same claims and fail to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The Competitive Edge gives you a unique, clearly defined identity and provides potential employers with concrete evidence of your value.

That’s a Competitive Edge that can make you a winner!