What a fantastic company! Bruce is terrific, and the process they have developed at Career Strategies Group is methodical, logical, and effective. Bruce is great at keeping you moving forward in your journey. Big thumbs up!

– Rick Quadrino


The Career Strategies process is working! I have an interview lined up already for an agency that needs someone to work its insurance defense cases, then I received another call that same day from a [major carrier] and they interviewed me over the phone. They asked all the stuff we had prepared for, and I slam dunked it. I am meeting with them next week.

Bruce, I was happy to send her [a referral] your way. Your process was a tremendous help to me, even if I flaked out on the job search portion with you. Luckily it didn’t take that long for me to find something. Ha. It’s a great job. I’m very happy and have a great quality of life. Still scratching out some territory and dealing with the internal politics but that is to be expected.

Believe it or not I only met her [the referral] once for lunch. We have a mutual friend who set it up, thinking I could provide some advice since I transitioned out.

Apparently I was a lot more helpful than expected and I told her you were worth the expense.

A headhunter wants a round peg in a round hole. You carve out a new shape for lawyers.

Enjoy your summer. FYI, the new job has Fridays off in the summer. It’s a great gig. Be well.
— Keith

(Ex-law firm partner, now a university administrator).

Thank you for your help. One hour with you and I got off my rear end and found a new position. You are very good at what you do!

Dear Bruce and Doug,

I wanted to let you both know the good news. With the updated resume and cover letter that you helped me to prepare, I was able to find a full-time position as an Investigator working in White Plains. My role thus far involves performing due diligence on subject companies and individuals and then writing reports based on my findings. The company is attempting to do more work with Brazilian clients so my Portuguese language skills will allow me to play a significant role. So far the job is going well. It is very different from anything I’ve done up to this point but it requires me to use my research and analysis skills which is what I was most looking to do. I wanted to thank you both for all of your hard work on my behalf. You both helped me to think critically about what I wanted to do and I was able to market myself in the most advantageous way possible due to your advice. Thank you!

I think you did a very thorough job preparing me. I went into the interview, saw what they needed. I could read between the lines. I did what you said. I did not go in there looking for a job, I went in as someone who could solve their problems. I had a nice presentation about how I could make them money and save them money. It was a different approach. I picked it up from your [job search strategies] webinar. It was like you were there talking me through it.
– former litigator who is now in-house in a transactional position.

Prior to starting [my work with you and your PSP career assessment process], I felt my career direction was aimless and my career options limited. I felt I did not sufficiently plan my law firm career. I felt my legal work was becoming routine and uninteresting, and my law firm life stressful. Now I feel excited about embarking on the second half of my professional career. I confirmed to myself that I have the capacity and courage necessary to make a significant mid-career change. I learned I possess transferable professional skills. I learned it is not too late for me to take charge of my career direction. The PSP program was my first ever professional self-evaluation. The program forced me to think about and focus on the professional skills I have developed which I am good at and enjoy, and then show me a path to transferring those skills to a new and more enjoyable career. I have already recommended Career Strategies and provided your website to about five attorneys employed in law firms.

“Thanks to you I was in the right place at the right time with the right message. I start in two weeks!”
– former law firm attorney now in house.

I write to you with good news. I have accepted a position with the [major] Foundation as their representative in Geneva. I will be there or travelling throughout Europe for 2-3 weeks a month. The rest of the time I will be in New York. This is a new and exciting direction for my career and one that will allow for some wonderful travel in Europe and Africa. An adventure!
– A former law firm patent lawyer.

Your [job search strategies] workshop was very informative. I must admit there were some things I took with a grain of salt. One of those was the importance of what you called an “event.” Well, it struck me like a ton of bricks today. I came across an article about [his area of interest] that left me dumbfounded because I believe this opportunity could fit into many of my goals in a new job. 1) it would be a combination of law and law enforcement 2) it would include normal working hours 3) it would be 20 minutes from my home 4) it would be a chance to help children while being involved in law and law enforcement.
– former police officer turned lawyer.

My first week at [talent agency] seems to have gone well. I sit literally at the owner’s right hand and she whispers questions to me all day. I’m working on key legal matters but also giving agents some common sense business and legal advice to help them in their negotiations … We will be listening in on a call to LA about a screenwriter’s options deal, and will be sitting in on pitch meetings at the networks. I am also reading screenplays. I recently had a 2 ½ hour lunch with a Broadway producer!
– Former solo practitioner plaintiff personal injury attorney.

Your legal recruiter emailing campaign has really worked. I have had recruiters calling me. I am meeting with one in NYC tomorrow and talking with one from Texas with a job writing about government affairs for a firm in NYC.
– Solo attorney on the results of a marketing campaign launched by Career Strategies.

I LOVE the Warm Referral Letter [which Career Strategies develops as part of its Marketing Action Plan process]. It has opened lots of doors and given me the opportunity to talk with friends of friends. It is amazing who people know. I am networking now with a former judge here in CT who promised my friend he would do all he could to help me, and because of your networking techniques, I am meeting with the VP of Government Affairs at [global company].P.S. Lots of compliments on the Warm Referral Letter and on the resume.

I used one of your techniques to make connections with people in the compliance field. Their responses have been great in giving me ideas and answering questions regarding breaking into this field.
– Real estate attorney seeking a mid-life change in practice area.

I just wanted to let you know I am doing well. I am so glad not to be working for that nut case anymore. But the best part is I’M NOT WORKING AS AN ATTORNEY ANYMORE!!! I was hired because I am an attorney, but it’s not lawyer work My primary function now is case management. It uses my knowledge of criminal and civil procedure, but I don’t have to do all of that other garbage. I am very happy!
– delighted “graduate” of our program.

It was your cover letter and resume that got me the interviews and your materials and techniques that got me through the interview to the offer. I am forever grateful for you and your work.
– Former attorney now in a management role.

I am not terribly depressed like I used to be and I don’t dread going to work every day. Thank you so much!

– Career Strategies “graduate”

This is just a quick follow up to thank you once again for your insight and help. As you know, I received an offer to join the U.S. State Department. I “graduate” this Friday from the orientation course and I will be sworn in by the Secretary of State herself. I will be working in the economic/business section and it is going to be very exciting. If any of your clients are considering the State Department as a second career, I would be happy to talk with them. Thanks again for all of your good counsel and insights.
– Former attorney now in the diplomatic corps.

Thank you so much for your gracious assistance with my resume and search efforts. It truly means a lot that I have you in my corner.
– former attorney now in the aviation management industry.

I just received a call today that may turn out to be a great opportunity. He received my resume through your [Contacts and Connections] marketing program. Thank you again!

I wanted to let you know that I got two job offers today, one of which I’m going to take. Thanks for your amazing help!

I hope this email will encourage other attorneys. Career Strategies showed me how to create employment opportunities that have taken me above and beyond where I thought I would be at this stage in my career. If you want to change your career path, and you use the methods and put in the time to purse the plan developed for you by Career Strategies, change and opportunity will ultimately follow. Take the attitude that anything is possible and then get to work with Career Strategies on what you want to do and how to get there.
– Satisfied client.

Holy cow. I have 5 interviews set up for next week.

I can’t believe this CEO [her new boss] is such a gentleman. It is so unlike my last law firm. I am so excited to be here. Thanks for all of your help.

I am writing to share some exciting news with you. I have taken a position as Project Manager at [a major company] which provides investigative and business risk management services to government agencies, corporations, construction firms, investment and merchant banks and law firms. Thanks again for all your help. Let’s keep in touch!
– former real estate partner at a law firm who became a manager of client relationships for a global consulting firm.

Hi! I wanted to let you know I have landed the position of Director of Planned Giving at [large State] University. It is a great fit for me as it leverages my law and estate planning background, and my familiarity with insurance/annuity products is a major plus. Please feel free to stay in touch, I’ve already shared your name with a friend and will continue to do so. Best wishes.

Great things to report …in fact, I am sitting at my desk in my new job as Village Administrator. I used the Career Strategies playbook to make it happen. Your encouragement and insight got me going, and I used the game plan [from the job search system workshop and Marketing Action Plan] to follow through. Lots of leads. The process consumed a span of time with follow up calls, research and interviews, but the perseverance paid off. There will be a learning curve, but my basic skills are perfectly translatable to get the job done … that’s why they hired me – that and your encouragement and counsel. Many thanks!

It is impossible to overstate how well it went! It was all incredibly easy and pleasant. They told me to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an employer who has an equity position in the new business. I said I have little feel for the business of this business, but I know the work involved and the people to do it. They said they know the business end but not the work and so it is a perfect match. Yikes!
– former Assistant DA who transitioned into the founding senior executive role and stakeholder in a new division of a long established legal services firm.

Thank you so much. It was difficult to be out of work, but I never panicked. You showed me that something good would happen and it did! I didn’t even go through all of my severance. This new job as Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the [large agency] came from networking and your redo of my “historical” resume, along with your support and guidance. I made the follow-up calls and referred to your [Marketing Action] Plan and guidelines. I had 8 interviews. Not one was from a recruiter. Everyone was impressed with my resume. I owe you a big thanks! You made me realize there was hope, that I would get a job, and that enabled me to stick with it using all the information and tools you provided. Thank you again.
– A 60-year-old client who had been in her prior position for 21 years.

Congratulations to you on your client’s success! Great news!

I am thrilled to report that I have landed a job with [commercial] Bank as Vice President/ Manager of Commercial Real Estate Closings. It is a combined role of lawyer, compliance officer and manager. I am incredibly thrilled and excited and have begun closing up my practice and referring my cases to other attorneys. The insight that I was able to get into my self, my traits, skills and personality from your program enabled me to effectively sell myself, even though I HAVE NO COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE. I literally quoted lines from your [Career Options] Assessment report in my interviews (13 interviews to be exact). In addition to a great position, the income, benefits and bonus package is more than fair …it’s downright generous and I will be making more money than I am now! So thank you for your insights and your program.

One letter, one call, one interview.

I wanted to let you know how things have been progressing. I began working for [global investment company] last May and I have loved it. The work is interesting, the people are professional and the commute is short. I’m a Vice President and the Divisional Compliance Officer for Retail Accounts, which is somewhat similar to what I used to do but with more requirements. And the pay here is very good. I remember when I started working with you last February. My then-boss had really outdone himself. I was so frustrated that the first thing I did when I got home was to follow your suggestion and send out the new resume and letter you had done for me. A week later I got the call. It took some time for the interviews and negotiations, but it has worked out well. Thanks for your advice and help. The new resume and cover letter received the response that my previous ones didn’t. I will try to be better at staying in touch. Best wishes and thanks again.

I am happy to report that I made an amazing and successful transition from underpaid and unhappy lawyer to very well paid and very happy senior executive. I found the work you did for me and the insights you gave me to be invaluable. I would love to get together for a cup of coffee when my travels bring me to White Plains. All the best.
– former lawyer turned corporate Vice President

When I first came into your Career Options Assessment program, I felt confused and frustrated with what was my current situation. I did not know where to go from there. Now I feel very good – confident and well grounded. I learned from your process that I have the skills, personality and background that are needed and desired in the marketplace. Without a doubt, I could not have broken out of where I was and gotten to where I am without your advice, assistance and guidance. Many thanks!

My new resume is Phenomenal. I would hire me in an instant! It turned out to open the door and get me the interview and ultimately the job. When comparing my new Career Strategies resume with my former one, I feel like an idiot. Mine was so poor by comparison. And compared to my old cover letter, the new one is a “sale” of me, as opposed to what I had been doing, which was to request that the reader do something for me.

After completing your Job Search Success System workshop, I am not as myopic as I was. I am now creative in my approach, not only to job search, but also in seeking opportunities on the job. Career Strategies provided a tremendous amount of insight into how to view a job search as well as how to execute one. Most important – you gave me confidence that I am marketable. You are to be commended and heartily recognized as an invaluable resource to anyone who needs to “get somewhere” in their career.

Before starting your Career Options Assessment program I felt my career options were extremely limited. Given the problems of the personal injury field in New Jersey, I felt it would be very difficult for someone of my age and level of experience to find work — in my area of expertise or otherwise. Now I know there are alternative options available to me. I have learned that I have a variety of interests. I have already recommended you to two friends.

When I saw my new resume, I was taken aback by how professional it was. It painted a word picture of me that I could not have created on my own. I feel there is really no comparison between my old resume and the one you did for me. My former resume was a ‘laundry list’ version of my background and past experience. The new one was a sales presentation in which I was the item being marketed. It used very creative, succinct word pictures to sell me. At one of the interviews, the prospective employer actually real aloud to his Business Administrator from the resume: “A skilled negotiator who knows how to prepare cases and resolve them profitably. Wow,” he said, “We sure could use someone like that around here.” He then commented to his Business Administrator, as he continued to read from the resume, “Look at this. He settled a case for over $100,000 after his firm had already closed the file.” I have already recommended you to others!

The revision of my resume and cover letter helped me a lot. It gave me added confidence to contact prospective employers. There were times when I was battling hard to fight off depression. My sessions with you were always uplifting. I would leave each session feeling renewed hope that it was all going to work out just fine. This helped me get through a very difficult time in my life.

Before I started your program I was scared and frustrated. Now I am more positive. I have learned I have skills, and that there are jobs that are ideally suited to my skill set and personality. This was, for me, very worthwhile. Even without your professional analysis, the process itself is a tremendous self-analysis tool.

The biggest single benefit I received from your program was an improved confidence level.

Your program definitely helped me find my new position. I would not even have considered my current position – which is a good fit! – without having participated in your program.

Working with you increased my own understanding of my value as a leader and employee. I learned how to succeed in getting interviews and offers through non-traditional routes. My participation in the program was directly related to obtaining my new position. Although no position was actually available here, they created one for me.

My participation in your program has been the best investment I have made in years.

I am going on two interviews today and I wanted to thank you, as I believe the new resume helped me get in the door.

I found the Innovative Job Search seminar to be quite informative. Despite getting older (and wiser?), I am sometimes still surprised to find out that I do not know everything … a shocking revelation to an arrogant lawyer!

I wanted to pass this compliment along to you. I met with [name] on Thursday and he said the resume I had given him – the one you prepared for me – was as good as resumes come.

I just began a new position as Litigation Consultant for the Rolls Royce of litigation support firms. In line with your initial direction, I found the ideal position at the confluence of business and law. As an “LC,” I quarterback case assignments and project engagements in high stakes commercial litigation. I am proud to tell you that I am earning a larger salary than I ever have, and that I have limitless potential.

I enjoyed our brainstorming sessions, which came at a time in my life when I was in need of objective guidance and support. I wish you and your family well.

It is truly amazing how working with a coach like you has enabled me to attract a job I truly love. Somehow my inner antenna was able to hone in on the right employer because you helped me fine tune what’s important to me. Thanks so much for the subtle and brilliant work you do at Career Strategies.

I have accepted a position as General Counsel with a large company in Charlotte, NC. Now I will only be doing the type of work I like. Also, I will have a large degree of control over the operational aspects of the business. I wanted to thank you for all of your help.

My first interview with the company lasted 4.5 hours and I was prepared for all they threw at me because we had discussed all those issues. Thank you!

I graduated to a better law firm in south Florida. The atmosphere is very professional. The two partners I work for are both great. Essentially, I am being called upon to do what I do best and what I enjoy the most. Please be assured that I employed the fine techniques you taught me in securing this position. I only sent out a couple of resumes. Thanks for teaching me so well. Your process works! I hope things are going well for you and your family. Please stay in touch.

I really appreciate everything you did and I owe you one. I like the great work you guys to and I believe in it, so I will keep sending people your way for your services.

Thanks for your help with the job search and negotiations. The new job is working out well on all counts. I will be back in touch when I am ready to negotiate my raise! All the best!

I can’t believe what you did! I was ready to sign their offer letter – they said that was as high as they were able to go – but I took your advice, tried your strategy, and they gave me $20,000 more! Unbelievable!

The resume looks great, and I have been getting very favorable comments. Thank you for your good work!

Even though I lacked any managerial experience, when they saw the resume you prepared for me, I was called in for an interview. I was offered the job on the spot. I am now the Managing Attorney and Appellate Counsel at [law firm]. In addition to a better salary, I also get fully paid medical benefits, which never would have happened at my old firm. I calculated that I am now making $40,000 more than before. Although I am still at a law firm, I feel this is the type of hybrid business and legal position that you had told me about.

My honest reaction to the cover letter you wrote for me was “F*&^ing outstanding.” That’s no joke, as I actually said it aloud to myself. I’m not sure that would be the most appropriate example for one of your testimonials, but that was my response. Thanks, as always!

Thanks so much for all your help. You have always been a good coach for me and I wouldn’t keep coming back if I didn’t appreciate all that you do.

I love my new resume. It is so much better than my old one. I feel it makes the most of what I have to offer and its looks so professional. There was nothing I would change about your program or what you did for me. I was always treated with such personal care and compassion, and I very much appreciated it.

You made my day! I am very proud of him [her husband, our client] I know he will do a bang up job at [new company]. No suits or ties, trains, terrorist attacks, delays and 15 hour days. And the fringe benefits are great. Thanks again, pardner!
– the client was a Wall Street lawyer who re-careered into a management role with a sports and entertainment company in the suburbs.

I wanted to let you know I landed the position with [company]. Thanks for so much help. I really value the process we went through. It confirmed, in a diagnostic and clear way, many of the thoughts and feeling I’ve had about myself for a long time, and I got a great resume to boot. Thanks again!

I am a former client of your firm from way back in 1999. I came to your firm for guidance as I needed to make a radical career change. After extensive analysis, we decided on transitioning into market research. It was the best investment I ever made. I love my new career (not so new now after more than a dozen years). I did everything I was advised to do and after a few months, I did find a position. I wanted you to know how far I have come. I simply can’t thank you enough!

I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you for the new resume and cover letter. Job hunting is very stressful and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. Both the resume and cover letter are excellent – much better than the ones I attempted. I feel much more confident applying for jobs. You have made a frustrating situation much more bearable. Thanks.

Yes, this actually happened! I got a call yesterday from [major movie studio]. I was on the phone for close to 2 hours. They wanted the book immediately. They want to consider an animated TV series, an animated film and a live action film.
– lawyer turned author and screenwriter.

Well, I got the job. I am now Director of Alumni Relations. The process that I went through with you gave me the perspective (and courage) that I needed to take the leap out of the practice of law. I wound up in a position that I never would have foreseen. And, I love the fact that this new role opens many doors to me – it will likely lead my career in a direction that I cannot even see right now. How exciting!

Please feel free to share this with clients. I want to thank you for your help in finding a new career. I know I was a tough case. I was ready to give up. Before I started working with you, I would just send a resume and wait. So thanks for the excellent coaching. Actually, you and I were just getting started. I miss the appointments. I really learned a lot. An addendum. Thanks to your coaching and encouragement, I actually ended up with three different offers! All of these opportunities came as a result of your coaching.”

It’s a pretty damn good deal! And I’m not going to have to be in a situation where I will have to kill what I eat!

The theories and techniques that you teach helped me shorten my job search.

As tough as it is out there, they are going to figure out the way for me to land a job.

What I received from Career Strategies was a more clear idea of what I am looking for in the future. They pinpointed my strengths and showed me that want ads are a small part of a search.”

This is the best resume I have ever had. I see now how my past work history really will benefit my future, where I had thought otherwise. It is hard for some individuals to recognize their skills and knowledge which they can use to sell themselves. Career Strategies find the individual’s skills. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Career Strategies said they could help me to obtain a new perspective on career opportunities for myself. They fulfilled this objective. Their Career Options Assessment process helped me identify my transferable skills, and then Career Strategies identified several possible career paths.

Career Strategies’ Career Options Assessment demonstrated capabilities and qualities in myself that I was not aware of or that I took for granted: Leadership, persistence, and other capabilities. They helped me improve my presentation and showed me that I wasn’t projecting an executive image. They helped me see things in a different light. They identified accomplishments that I never paid attention to or took any stock in.

Their program have me the needed customization that I required to pursue a new job. They helped in maintaining a good attitude and by giving effective search methods. They provided me with motivation and gave me ample material and ideas on how to get a job. I am very glad that I decided to work with them.

What I got from Career Strategies was a clear direction, organization, job search leads, effective materials and the resources to do a successful search. I learned that I had the skills to succeed in a field where I felt I couldn’t. I feel the program is very beneficial and I would recommend it to others seeking a new career.

From your advertising, I believed you would assist me in my job search. I was right. From our first discussion, I knew that Career Strategies had much to offer, could help broaden my outlook and focus my search. I have discovered many things about myself and your feedback has been very helpful.

Among the benefits I received from Career Strategies was insight, information, strategies, tactics and resources. What I learned from them is that I CAN DO IT! They really delivered!

“The Career Strategies process is working! I have an interview lined up already for an agency that needs someone to work its insurance defense cases, then I received another call that same day from a [major carrier] and they interviewed me over the phone. They asked all the stuff we had prepared for, and I slam dunked it. I am meeting with them next week.”

Thank you for your help. One hour with you and I got off my rear end and found a new position. You are very good at what you do!

I think you did a very thorough job preparing me. I went into the interview, saw what they needed. I could read between the lines. I did what you said. I did not go in there looking for a job, I went in as someone who could solve their problems. I had a nice presentation about how I could make them money and save them money. It was a different approach. I picked it up from your [job search strategies] webinar. It was like you were there talking me through it.
– former litigator who is now in-house in a transactional position

David P. received a rejection letter from the Personnel Dept. Thereafter, with our help, he identified one of the company’s Senior Vice Presidents and mailed him a letter we had ghost written. Using our 30-second introduction technique, he then called the executive. An interview was booked, and David was on the way to a new career. A former attorney (one of our legal placement services), David is now a senior executive handling corporate operations.

Attorney career change client Joel G, before becoming a client, had sent his resume to a classified ad and received a rejection. The same ad ran two months later. This time Joel sent in his new Career Strategies resume. The company called him for an interview, and Joel is now an entertainment industry executive.

It was a lot! I wasn’t expecting as many options for me!
– 35-year-old securities attorney after getting his Viable Career Options report from us.

Donald L. using our negotiation techniques, netted an additional $12,740 over what had been the company’s final offer.

Frank P., a small business owner for 13 years, lost his business at age 50. We repackaged him for a new career in an industry where he had absolutely no prior experience. Today, he is the Director of Marketing for a financial services organization.

Mark this one down as another success story. This never would have happened without PSP and your resume. Thanks. I just didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore. I wanted to use my business and planning skills and work with emerging growth companies. Now I’m in investment banking. This is really the right thing for me. It’s everything I was looking for. It was also a great deal economically, with a base salary plus equity in the firm. From my point of view, it’s perfect. It was a classic case of your unique approach working. I can’t thank you enough.
— Andrew L., now in finance.

This was the best thing I’ve ever done. The work is exactly what I want to do. I have a salary and a piece of the company. The potential here is unlimited. Your process really works!
— Peter V., now in the bicycle manufacturing business.

First and foremost, I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!! Now I know what you meant when you said that my skills were transferable and that I did not need to know the subject area in order to find – and be good at – another job. I love the new responsibilities and the higher level of authority. Working with you got me where I am. Without your help, advice and encouragement, I know this would not have happened. Thanks again for everything.
Victoria M, attorney, now a senior government agency official.

They said it was the most compelling resume and cover letter they’d ever seen. Thank you.
– Charles R., now in sports promotion.

They told me that after seeing my resume, they couldn’t wait to meet me. And I got the job!
– Susan B., now grants administrator at a foundation.

I came in to your program not really knowing what I wanted. I was without a ‘vision.’ Now I feel like I’m on the right path. My new job is a perfect match.” Mike L, former attorney now in human resources.

As you know, I recently won the position of Executive Director of [a non-profit agency]. I will be working out of Philadelphia, which I had always been a dream of mine. This new career involves many of the interests you identified in PSP. Its duties vary to such a degree as to make it the job that I have been looking for. I didn’t want to let too much time pass before taking the opportunity to thank you, not only for your help but also for the professionalism you exhibited throughout. Your continuous support and follow up helped through an anxious time in my life, and made things possible that I never could have imagined. Thank you again and again.
Lawrence C, former attorney.

As you know, I have been offered and accepted a public relations positions with [a major resort]. This is a lucrative and exciting opportunity for me. I would like to thank the people at Career Strategies for your support and help with my career change. I appreciate all of the advice and encouragement you provided.
Cathy D, former attorney now in PR.

Your work really paid off. I just wanted to tell you that it worked, and to thank you. I got my new job in just two months!
– Monique H., now in publishing.

After four months of using my own resume, I came to you and found the job of my dreams less than three weeks after I started using the resume you had written. I never could have done it without you.
– TSB, now with a record company.

I just wanted to thank you for writing a winning resume and cover letter. I love my new job and I feel like I am “on my way” at last. I also wanted to tell you I can’t say enough good things about your staff. They made me feel like I’m your only client!
– Jody M., now in market research.

Your overall thoughts, wisdom, caring and input have been invaluable. I actually sign my new employment contract tomorrow, and would be honored to take you to dinner to celebrate.
Jeff G, who is now with a law firm.

Career Strategies has given me focus and opened up options, based on my skills, that I never really considered before. Your PSP process helped me identify my range of skills, some of which I knew I had, others of which I ‘discovered’ for the first time. It also builds confidence. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.
Leslie P, attorney now a business executive.

The analysis in your PSP process have me a reference point to evaluate prospective positions, and you and your staff gave me encouragement and guidance when I most needed it. You strategized comprehensively, instructed effectively and coached expertly. Your program and staff are excellent.
Joe L, former lawyer now in employee relations.

Fantastic! I am really very pleased with my new resume. It’s already working its magic. The resume shows I have accomplished a lot of important things during my career. The presentation really puts everything into a very compelling sales piece. Comparing my new resume to my old one is like comparing a Ferrari to a Chevy. I will continue to spread the Career Strategies gospel.
Timothy P.

My hopes have been realized, and last week I started my new position. It is intellectually stimulating work. Thank you for all of your assistance. Your program helped me focus on what I really wanted to do and on how to get there. I am deeply grateful for the support. I wish you and your company continued success.
Richard S., now in judicial administration.

I am pleased to report that I have accepted a position with [a venture capital company] as its first controller. The position requires me to draw upon my experience and education in both the accounting and legal fields. It is exactly the type of position that I had been seeking. The company is small and innovative and poised for great things. I sincerely appreciate your guidance and wisdom during my search and I enjoyed working with you.
– Robert S, lawyer turned controller (another successful lawyer career change).