Caught by the Law?

What’s Your Excuse?

Book cover 3D 3D(1) pngLawyers feel trapped in their careers for many different reasons. We understand these reasons, and can help separate the emotional from the factual. How many of the following apply to you?

I am caught by the law because …

  •  High salary

(Fact: most of our clients do as well or better economically in their new positions than they were doing as lawyers)

  •  Not Qualified for other work

(Fact: you likely have many useful skills that are valuable in non-lawyerly capacities)

  •  Panache of being a lawyer

(Fact: most lawyers are unhappy in their profession. Is there panache in being miserable?)

  • Friends would think I’m crazy to leave

(Fact: most people’s knowledge of the law comes from TV. They are clueless about what it’s really like. Besides that, your friends are not living your life!)

  • Age

(Fact: many of our clients are in their 40s and 50s. We are experts in overcoming the “age barrier” and showing a client’s value)

  • Untrained in any other career

(Fact: a good lawyer learns new information all the time. You were able to learn various different legal areas – you’ll be able to learn other job functions, too!)

  • Haven’t got the time

(Fact: most of our clients are employed attorneys and do not have much time to devote to their job searches. We have developed a Job Search Success System that allows lawyers to conduct effective, efficient and productive job searches with minimal outlay of time).

  • I’m too busy right now

(Fact: we have only one life to live. If not now, when?)

  • Turning Your Back on All that Training

(Fact: Law School takes three years of your life. Your career takes 40 years or so. Do you want to be unfulfilled for 40 years because you spent three years in school?)

  • Don’t know where to begin the change process

(Fact: your clients are not experts in the law, so they go to you for help. You are not an expert in job search, but you can come to us for help).

  • Don’t know what else I would want to do

(Fact: most of our clients do not know what they want to do next professionally; our programs are designed to give them answers in just a few weeks).

The reality is that you are caught by the law only if you want to be. There is a way out.