Lawyer Career Change & Executive Career

Bored with your current job?
Not sure what else you are qualified to do?
We can tell you.

Do you find your job unfulfilling?

If you are no longer fulfilled by your job, it may be time to consider an alternative career, perhaps one leveraging your background but offering new challenges.

Our clients are bright and accomplished men and women who have the intellectual ability to succeed in many different careers – they are Partners, Senior Associates and Associates or if from the business world, presidents, Vice-Presidents, CFOs, Executive Directors and Directors. Others are successful entrepreneurs.

We provide them with practical career change ideas and the resources they need to find jobs they love…and still maintain their six-figure incomes.

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Do you dread going to work in the morning?

If you are an executive, attorney or entrepreneur earning $125,000 or more who dislikes going to work because:

  • the clients are too often annoying
  • the work is boring
  • you haven’t had time to see your kids growing up
  • the work isn’t fulfilling

It is time for you to consider your career options. We can guide you in that process.

Schedule a free, confidential telephone discussion that can change your life. It takes less than two minutes to schedule. And, you will be happy you did!

Alternative Careers for LawyersExploring realistic career options is our forte

We specialize in high level career change. Many of our clients have spent 12 to 20 or more years in their current fields and don’t even know how to begin developing realistic career change ideas.

We work with many clients who are middle-aged professionals with mortgages, kids nearing college age and other encumbrances. They neither want nor can afford a reduction in their compensation.

In our experience (remember, we’ve been doing this since 1992), our clients have done as well or better economically in their new careers than they were doing in the old careers.

Our Proprietary Process

For those considering a career change or looking for career change ideas, we use proprietary processes to identify transferable skills and economically realistic alternative career possibilities. Most lawyers and executives don’t know what else they are qualified to do, or “what else is out there.” Many don’t even know what they want to do next.

We help them find out and identify their real-world career options.

“Personal Success Profile” programs

For those interested in a comprehensive assessment of their career options, and who are serious about looking for a new job or new career track that provides the rewards, challenges, satisfaction and compensation that they want and deserve, we have the “Personal Success Profile” programs that involve from 8 to 12 hours.

For more information, call us or email us, and we can arrange a free, very confidential initial discussion.

We can help you determine your viable career options, and then provide the resources, information, techniques and job search strategies, necessary to help you achieve your career objective and a job you can love.