Facing Retirement but not Ready to Watch Oprah?
Special programs for the “Baby Boomer” generation.  

If your fondest musical memories involve Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons or The Beatles, or if you looked forward to watching Johnny Carson at night, let’s face it, you’re getting up there. If you saw Sean Connery as James Bond in a movie theatre (as I did), you’re already past there!

Voluntarily or otherwise, if you are over 50 it may be nearing time for you to think about a job search or career change. If you are 60+, it most definitely is the time. We have been working, very successfully, with an increasing number of clients in their 60s. While a few years ago we would not have taken on cases for those over 59, the market has changed and there is a growing appreciation for the value of the 60+ professional.

Retirement is absolutely out of the question for most of us Boomers. 50 may not, in fact, be the new 40, but unlike our parents’ generation, 50 or 60 isn’t old anymore. We don’t want to stop contributing. We don’t want to spend 52 weeks per year playing golf. We want to be challenged, solve problems and produce value. 

Baby Boomers are sometimes being called the Encore generation. They are often now seeking to launch entirely new second careers … an encore, if you will, to the first act of their professional lives. In other cases, Boomers  over 50 are simply looking for new jobs in their current career tracks.

In both situations, Baby Boomers are coming face to face with problems of ageism in their job searches.

It starts to get tougher to find jobs when you cross the age 40 threshold; for those 50+, there are another set of complications in a job search … more challenging and difficult to overcome. Being 60+ introduces many other challenges. But these challenges can be overcome.

We are experts in how to deal successfully with the job search and second career issues of those aged 50+ and 60+.

We can package your experience, work ethic and skills, and show employers why you would be an asset to their organizations. From developing dynamic marketing strategies and resumes to preparing you for job interviews, we can help you get it done.

Many of our 50+ job search clients are still in the prime of their careers and are at their peak earning levels. Their job search issues often involve competing for higher-level positions, where opportunities are few and competition fierce. We have the knowledge and resources to give our clients a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Other of our 50+ clients, and many of our 60+ clients, whether attorneys, entrepreneurs or executives, are bored and want to see what legitimate career options may be out there for them that will enable them to preserve their lifestyles. They are interested in pursuing second careers.

The popular wisdom is that starting a new career means starting at the bottom or taking a pay cut. The popular wisdom is wrong.

In more than two decades of working with professionals on 50+ job searches, we have found that our clients end up doing as well or better economically in their new careers as they were doing in their former careers.

Some of our older clients, those 65 and up,  are in a slightly different position than those in their 50s or early 60s — they don’t want to continue putting in the hellaciously long hours each week that they have been working, but they still want to continue to work hard on interesting challenges, solve difficult problems, and apply their skills and experience to a worthwhile purpose.

Some of these clients will go into related fields in law or business. Others may head toward consulting. Still others will look to get into entirely new career areas like non-profit work, turning a beloved hobby into a new career, or teaching. That process works both ways — many people from the academic world come to us for help in finding new jobs for teachers over 50.

There are many potential career alternatives for the 50+ job seeker.

Our professionals can evaluate your options, identify the right kinds of opportunities, and help you find and obtain a new position that re-ignites your passions and enthusiasm and makes good use of your expertise.

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