When it comes to legal jobs and executive jobs in Connecticut, it is the best of times and the worst of times. Several major companies have moved out of the State, with more rumored to be on the way. The same holds with law firms. The job market in Connecticut is difficult.

A little over a decade ago, large New York and Boston law firms were opening offices in the State, and there were many attorney jobs and executive jobs created in Fairfield County, New Haven, Hartford and in Western Connecticut. Times were good for those seeking attorney jobs or for those considering an attorney career change.

We used our skills in career coaching for lawyers to provide job search guidance and helped many clients find jobs for lawyers in Stamford, Greenwich, Manchester, Bridgeport and Danbury (which is right around the corner from our offices), as well as other towns and cities in the State.

Alas, the boom was short-lived. Out-of-State firms started closing their Connecticut branches. This was recognized early on by The Connecticut Law Tribune and its parent, American Lawyer Media, which assembled a panel of top experts to address the changing legal economics in the State. Career Strategies Group Founder Bruce Blackwell was one of three panelists.

In the last few years, attorney and executive jobs in Connecticut have been harder to find. Job growth for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 was a paltry 0.2%, 0.1% and 0.6% respectively, far below the national average. There has also been great attrition in salaries, with much of the new growth being in the mid-five-figure range, not the in upper end of the five-figure or low to middle six-figure jobs.

When we did a recent check, there were just over 300 attorney jobs in Connecticut, and around 650 executive job openings in Connecticut paying $100,000 or more.

Conducting a successful job search in Connecticut requires much more than applying on line, calling some recruiters and networking with your friends. Winning a job today requires innovative job search strategies, dynamic personal marketing, a strong social media job presence and an effective plan for getting into the Hidden Job Market.

We can provide this expertise and resources for you, and give you a competitive edge in the Connecticut job market. Call us today or better yet, click here and schedule a free, no-obligation telephone appointment to discuss your career development situation and job search strategies.