Job Search Made Easy


Let Career Strategies be your Marketing Agent

At last! Someone to do the job search for you!

Why waste time scanning the internet, writing to recruiters and searching for the names of hiring managers? We can do the work for you as your marketing agent!

Our Job Search Made Easy program takes much of the time and frustration out of your job hunt. We can…

  • send your resume to top legal or executive recruiters
  • distribute your resume and letter of introduction to corporations
  • make your resume visible to thousands of recruiters and hiring managers
  • create a program that identifies job leads and sends them to you each day
  • find suitable job openings and alert you about them
  • introduce you to 1,000+ hiring executives
  • And we can do much, much more. In short, we can jump start your job search!

All you have to do is show up for the interviews!

Well, it’s not quite that easy but we can save you hours of time each week and can introduce you to people that you might otherwise never have found.

All you have to do is wait for your phone ring …. well, perhaps it’s not that easy,

1) Reach 1000 or more company hiring managers & executives                                                        

You can easily find companies in your area and industry and send them your resume and cover letter by fax. Prices begin at $29.95 for 150 to 500 companies. Additional charges apply for more than 500. For more information, click here: link to JBF 

2) Reach out to Recruiters and Hiring Managers: Post your resume on 60-80 major executive job boards         

Make it easy for companies and recruiters to find you!. You can make your resume visible to thousands of hiring managers and recruiters in less than 10 minutes. This service will save you more than 60 hours of time. Click here: link to rabbit

3) Maximizing Your Internet Job Search 1 — How to get Quality Job Leads via your Job Agent – Briefing       

Is your in box being so cluttered up with inappropriate job leads from that you don’t even look at the leads anymore?  This happens because your keywords are ineffective. We will show you how to create a keyword set and job target profile that will eliminate the clutter and send you appropriate leads. This is an interactive, on-line, real time training session. Don’t waste time jumping from job board to job board, and don’t jeopardize your search by using ineffective key words. Our online job search experts will show you what to do and how to do it.


4) Maximizing Your Internet Job Search 2 – Finding the Best Services to Shorten Your Search – Briefing

There are dozens of vendors who offer internet resume distribution services, networking services, private job leads and more. We have been tracking and vetting these sources since 1998. They come and they go with great frequency. In a personal, real time briefing on Maximizing the Internet, we will walk you through the range of services. The session covers our recommended vendors, their services, suggested quantities and more. It also covers which vendors to avoid because they didn’t pass our screening test.


5) Send your resume to major recruiters

Our database has thousands of recruiters across all specialties. We can instantly distribute your resume to this critical job search resource, often at only pennies each! This service includes preparation of a special modification of your cover letter so it meets the needs of the recruiting community, and re-formatting of your resume to be compatible with all ATS systems and email programs. You will also get the list of recruiters to whom your materials were sent. This list is the best in the industry. There are less costly lists available, but for high end job seekers, they are simply not even close to the breadth and scope of this list. Revised cover letter, resume reformatting, list of recruiters and distribution of your materials.


6) CEOs, CFOs, Chief Legal Officers: Reach out to Venture Capital companies and Private Equity firms

This list is a MUST if you are a “C-level” executive or seeking a position that is a direct report to C-level executive, venture capital companies and private equity firms are an excellent source of jobs. VC’s not only need people for their own staffs, they regularly hire top level people to work in their portfolio companies. We can sort venture capital and PE companies geographically, but more importantly, by the areas in which they invest. This service includes a special modification of your existing cover letter so it meets the needs of the Private Equity and VC community, and re-formatting of your resume to be compatible with all ATS systems and email programs. You will also get the list of venture capital and private equity companies to whom your materials were sent. Revised cover letter, resume reformatting, list of recipients of your materials.


7) Special

Take the Recruiter outreach and Venture Capital/Private Equity outreach together for just $695; save $95.


8) Direct mailing of your resume to companies – Go Directly to Top Executives

As with Program #2, this service is so old it is new again. And we heartily welcome it back, because it works. This program takes much of the burden off you as the job seeker. We use database research to identify suitable employers for you based by industry, revenue, head count, and location parameters, and then find their top decision-makers. This service then custom prints individual cover letters, envelopes and resumes.

We like this program because it gets you directly into the hidden job market, and increases your chances of being in the right place at the right time with the right message. Hiring executives will personally receive your resume and letter, on good paper stock and well printed. It makes a great first impression. Prices begin at $525 for 150 letters. This is not an inexpensive program but even so, we strongly recommend it because it has proven time and again to generate job offers.


5b) Purchase the best ever recruiters list only

We can provide the contact information alone, without the preparation of the recruiter letter and resume formatting or actual emailing of your materials to 100s of recruiters. Recruiter list alone


6b) Purchase the VC/PE list only

We provide the names and contact information in list form. Does not include distribution of your resume, preparation of cover letter or reformatting of your resume for ATS needs, but you can use your own materials and do your own emailing when convenient.  List alone: $125.  BUY


8b) Purchase list of Companies and Corporate Decision-Makers

Instead of spending $525 for the research and preparation of a 150-letter mailing campaign, you can buy the research only, in list form. Note, though, that this is “raw” data, not cleaned up or verified. It does contain names and addresses, most (but not all) of which will be valid.


Some of these resources are unique to our practice, others are obtained from outside suppliers that we have carefully vetted.  You can utilize some of the resources listed here yourself and buy directly from the vendor. In many cases, tough, clients who have neither the time nor the inclination to wade through extensive on-line forms, fill out questionnaires, reformat their resumes and then upload their resumes and marketing materials will have us do the work for them. We charge the vendor’s cost, plus a reasonable fee to cover our labor.

In many of these services, after purchase we will request certain information from you relating to targeted industries, geographic locations, etc. Just complete the short questionnaire and we will take it from there!

We can custom-design a program for you based on your needs and budget. Most programs will more than pay for themselves if they help you get a job even one day sooner than you could on your own!

These services will save you countless hours of time, and shorten your search by months. Plus, they make your job search much easier!