Not everyone wants to pay a professional career coach for guidance. If you want to captain your own job search, but do it more effectively and benefit from the insight of some of the country’s top legal career experts, here’s good news.  We are now publishing self-help job search assistance programs specifically designed for attorneys who want to explore their career options or run their own campaigns. We offer both e-books and webinars, and will be offering programs for executives, professionals and those just starting their careers.

Avoid costly mistakes and get your new job more quickly by mastering our successful job search techniques.

For information about our books and webinars, just click on the picture or brief item description. We are offering special introductory pricing, so take advantage of our special sale. Our self-help programs are designed for smart, motivated lawyers, executives and other job seekers who are determined to succeed.

Free Job Search Breakthrough Session

In just 12 minutes,  this breakthrough session will help you identify why you are not making the progress you feel you should be making.  When you complete the form, you can email it back to us and have a free debriefing session with one of our coaches.

Are you:

  • Trapped in your current career?
  • Tired of doing the same thing over and over again?
  • Spending time preparing to do a job search without actually starting?
  • Applying online and not getting results?
  • Networking without direction or results?
  • Unsure about options available for your future?
  • Just plain stuck!

Let us help you break through the clutter and take productive action. This Breakthrough session is completely free, including the debriefing with us.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.   Why not get started right now!?

Download our Breakthrough Job Search Questionnaire

After you have downloaded the session and completed the questionnaire, you should save it on your computer and email a copy back to us. We cannot access your questionnaire through our website!