Executive Recruiting

Avoid costly mistakes in hiring

Finding just the right people to help build your organization is one of management’s biggest challenges. We can help you find talented executives and professionals in a wide range of disciplines through our internal resources, extensive network of contacts, and affiliated recruiters.

Career Strategies’ Executive Search operation offers highly personalized recruiting services to corporate, academic and institutional clients. We believe that finding the “right” person not only means finding someone who can do the job, but someone who will be a right “fit” for your organization, both in terms of their skills and their personal style.

In addition to using traditional recruiting methods and Internet technology to identify candidates, Career Strategies maintains an extensive network of individual clients and corporate contacts who have been served by our member companies since 1992. Many of these people are not actively looking for new positions, but would consider opportunities that we might present to them.

Career Strategies has worked with people across the broad spectrum of career areas. Our clients have included attorneys and senior level corporate executives, and have also included sales and marketing executives, physicians, operations managers, administrative and technical support people and financial managers. We have worked with clients from Fortune 500 companies and with individuals from one-person firms.

We are able to provide recruiting services in many categories, including:

  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Operations
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Health care
  • Administrative & Support Staff

Our approach before starting an assignment is to spend time with you to get an understanding of your business needs, corporate culture, and of what it takes to be a success in your company.

In the recruitment process, we personally meet or conduct in-depth telephone interviews with each and every candidate before the candidate is ever presented to you.  Only candidates who pass our rigorous screening process are ever presented.

Administrative and Support  Staffing

When working with CSI to find that ideal Paralegal, Executive Assistant or Secretary, you will quickly realize that our philosophy is quite different from that of the larger staffing operations in the tri-state area.

We are professional and discreet …  We aim at perfection … and we seek to establish solid working relationships with our clients … something which can only be achieved by doing a good job on each and every case.

To this end, you may be sure that every candidate we refer to you has been thoroughly screened and, when appropriate, tested at our offices for PC knowledge, typing, foreign language ability and other job-related skills.  This ensures that the candidate will not only have the required technical knowledge, but will also have the right profile and outlook to be able to fit successfully into your working environment.

As with our executive and legal search operations, after so many years we are able to draw on a large network of qualified office support staff, who are referred to us on a daily basis.