Marketing Plans

Spend more time planning your vacation than planning your job search?
If you don’t have an effective Marketing Plan, you are trusting on luck.

“Plan the work and work the plan” … an age-old adage to promote success.  Having a clearly defined game plan for your job campaign is critical for success, as it is for any endeavor.

We will develop a plan that includes market segmentation, dynamic methodologies, productivity goals, interview strategies and more. We also create strategies for handling the hard questions about age, industry experience, over qualified/under qualified and so on.

We will work with you individually to create a Marketing Action Plan that will help ensure that the foundation for your search is properly set … you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

The Marketing Action Plan (“MAP”) process involves two, one-hour meetings and our preparation of a written plan. Areas covered include:

  • development of your specific campaign strategy – “go wide,”  “go narrow,” or other approach
  • identification of your Buyer Profile – who are you trying to reach and how can you communicate with them in a way that resonates and produces interviews
  • creation of your 30-second introduction’s key points, or your Brand Strategy
  • establishing targeted geographic location, company size and industry parameters
  • identification of potential target companies
  • definition of your specific job function, title, level of responsibility and salary range
  • creation of a model for your social networking profile
  • creation of a “pitch” to use when you are calling employers to follow-up on your resume
  • identification of informational sources to keep you informed about your industry/company targets
  • applications for “warm networking” strategy including a networking letter template
  • application of an “events” strategy for creating a job before the position goes “public”
  • strategies for overcoming the “red flags” or concerns that a reasonably intelligent interviewer will have in regard to your candidacy, such as
    • age
    • lack of industry experience
    • lack of new job function experience
    • over- or under- qualified
    • too specialized in career or training
  • determination of whether our contact distribution resources would be appropriate for you.
  • creation of output goals based on the amount of time you can devote to the campaign.

Total Time: 3.5 hours

In these meetings, we make sure the basic foundation for your campaign is properly set; you will have a written plan describing exactly what you are supposed to do and exactly how you are supposed to do it; just follow the MAP to your career destination.