Your legal recruiter emailing campaign has really worked. I have had recruiters calling me. I am meeting with one in NYC tomorrow and talking with one from Texas with a job writing about government affairs for a firm in NYC.
– Solo attorney on the results of a marketing campaign launched by Career Strategies.

I LOVE the Warm Referral Letter (which Career Strategies develops as part of its Marketing Action Plan process). It has opened lots of doors and given me the opportunity to talk with friends of friends. It is amazing who people know. I am networking now with a former judge here in CT who promised my friend he would do all he could to help me, and because of your networking techniques, I am meeting with the VP of Government Affairs at (global company).P.S. Lots of compliments on the Warm Referral Letter and on the resume.

I used one of your techniques to make connections with people in the compliance field. Their responses have been great in giving me ideas and answering questions regarding breaking into this field.
– Real estate attorney seeking a mid-life change in practice area.

I just wanted to let you know I am doing well. I am so glad not to be working for that nut case anymore. But the best part is I’M NOT WORKING AS AN ATTORNEY ANYMORE!!! I was hired because I am an attorney, but it’s not lawyer work My primary function now is case management. It uses my knowledge of criminal and civil procedure, but I don’t have to do all of that other garbage. I am very happy!
– delighted “graduate” of our program.

It was your cover letter and resume that got me the interviews and your materials and techniques that got me through the interview to the offer. I am forever grateful for you and your work.
– Former attorney now in a management role.

I am not terribly depressed like I used to be and I don’t dread going to work every day. Thank you so much!
– Career Strategies “graduate”

This is just a quick follow up to thank you once again for your insight and help. As you know, I received an offer to join the U.S. State Department. I “graduate” this Friday from the orientation course and I will be sworn in by the Secretary of State herself. I will be working in the economic/business section and it is going to be very exciting. If any of your clients are considering the State Department as a second career, I would be happy to talk with them. Thanks again for all of your good counsel and insights.
– Former attorney now in the diplomatic corps.

Thank you so much for your gracious assistance with my resume and search efforts. It truly means a lot that I have you in my corner.
– former attorney now in the aviation management industry.

I just received a call today that may turn out to be a great opportunity. He received my resume through your (Contacts and Connections) marketing program. Thank you again!

I wanted to let you know that I got two job offers today, one of which I’m going to take. Thanks for your amazing help!

I hope this email will encourage other attorneys. Career Strategies showed me how to create employment opportunities that have taken me above and beyond where I thought I would be at this stage in my career. If you want to change your career path, and you use the methods and put in the time to purse the plan developed for you by Career Strategies, change and opportunity will ultimately follow. Take the attitude that anything is possible and then get to work with Career Strategies on what you want to do and how to get there.
– Satisfied client.

Holy cow. I have 5 interviews set up for next week.

I can’t believe this CEO (her new boss) is such a gentleman. It is so unlike my last law firm. I am so excited to be here. Thanks for all of your help.

I am writing to share some exciting news with you. I have taken a position as Project Manager at (a major company) which provides investigative and business risk management services to government agencies, corporations, construction firms, investment and merchant banks and law firms. Thanks again for all your help. Let’s keep in touch!
– former real estate partner at a law firm who became a manager of client relationships for a global consulting firm.

Hi! I wanted to let you know I have landed the position of Director of Planned Giving at (large State) University. It is a great fit for me as it leverages my law and estate planning background, and my familiarity with insurance/annuity products is a major plus. Please feel free to stay in touch, I’ve already shared your name with a friend and will continue to do so. Best wishes.

Great things to report …in fact, I am sitting at my desk in my new job as Village Administrator. I used the Career Strategies playbook to make it happen. Your encouragement and insight got me going, and I used the game plan (from the job search system workshop and Marketing Action Plan) to follow through. Lots of leads. The process consumed a span of time with follow up calls, research and interviews, but the perseverance paid off. There will be a learning curve, but my basic skills are perfectly translatable to get the job done … that’s why they hired me – that and your encouragement and counsel. Many thanks!

It is impossible to overstate how well it went! It was all incredibly easy and pleasant. They told me to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an employer who has an equity position in the new business. I said I have little feel for the business of this business, but I know the work involved and the people to do it. They said they know the business end but not the work and so it is a perfect match. Yikes!
– former Assistant DA who transitioned into the founding senior executive role and stakeholder in a new division of a long established legal services firm.

Thank you so much. It was difficult to be out of work, but I never panicked. You showed me that something good would happen and it did! I didn’t even go through all of my severance. This new job as Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the (large agency) came from networking and your redo of my “historical” resume, along with your support and guidance. I made the follow-up calls and referred to your (Marketing Action) Plan and guidelines. I had 8 interviews. Not one was from a recruiter. Everyone was impressed with my resume. I owe you a big thanks! You made me realize there was hope, that I would get a job, and that enabled me to stick with it using all the information and tools you provided. Thank you again.
– A 60-year-old client who had been in her prior position for 21 years.

Congratulations to you on your client’s success! Great news!