I am thrilled to report that I have landed a job with (commercial) Bank as Vice President/ Manager of Commercial Real Estate Closings. It is a combined role of lawyer, compliance officer and manager. I am incredibly thrilled and excited and have begun closing up my practice and referring my cases to other attorneys. The insight that I was able to get into my self, my traits, skills and personality from your program enabled me to effectively sell myself, even though I HAVE NO COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE. I literally quoted lines from your (Career Options) Assessment report in my interviews (13 interviews to be exact). In addition to a great position, the income, benefits and bonus package is more than fair …it’s downright generous and I will be making more money than I am now! So thank you for your insights and your program.

One letter, one call, one interview.

I wanted to let you know how things have been progressing. I began working for (global investment company) last May and I have loved it. The work is interesting, the people are professional and the commute is short. I’m a Vice President and the Divisional Compliance Officer for Retail Accounts, which is somewhat similar to what I used to do but with more requirements. And the pay here is very good. I remember when I started working with you last February. My then-boss had really outdone himself. I was so frustrated that the first thing I did when I got home was to follow your suggestion and send out the new resume and letter you had done for me. A week later I got the call. It took some time for the interviews and negotiations, but it has worked out well. Thanks for your advice and help. The new resume and cover letter received the response that my previous ones didn’t. I will try to be better at staying in touch. Best wishes and thanks again.

I am happy to report that I made an amazing and successful transition from underpaid and unhappy lawyer to very well paid and very happy senior executive. I found the work you did for me and the insights you gave me to be invaluable. I would love to get together for a cup of coffee when my travels bring me to White Plains. All the best.
– former lawyer turned corporate Vice President

When I first came into your Career Options Assessment program, I felt confused and frustrated with what was my current situation. I did not know where to go from there. Now I feel very good – confident and well grounded. I learned from your process that I have the skills, personality and background that are needed and desired in the marketplace. Without a doubt, I could not have broken out of where I was and gotten to where I am without your advice, assistance and guidance. Many thanks!

My new resume is Phenomenal. I would hire me in an instant! It turned out to open the door and get me the interview and ultimately the job. When comparing my new Career Strategies resume with my former one, I feel like an idiot. Mine was so poor by comparison. And compared to my old cover letter, the new one is a “sale” of me, as opposed to what I had been doing, which was to request that the reader do something for me.

After completing your Job Search Success System workshop, I am not as myopic as I was. I am now creative in my approach, not only to job search, but also in seeking opportunities on the job. Career Strategies provided a tremendous amount of insight into how to view a job search as well as how to execute one. Most important – you gave me confidence that I am marketable. You are to be commended and heartily recognized as an invaluable resource to anyone who needs to “get somewhere” in their career.

Before starting your Career Options Assessment program I felt my career options were extremely limited. Given the problems of the personal injury field in New Jersey, I felt it would be very difficult for someone of my age and level of experience to find work — in my area of expertise or otherwise. Now I know there are alternative options available to me. I have learned that I have a variety of interests. I have already recommended you to two friends.

When I saw my new resume, I was taken aback by how professional it was. It painted a word picture of me that I could not have created on my own. I feel there is really no comparison between my old resume and the one you did for me. My former resume was a ‘laundry list’ version of my background and past experience. The new one was a sales presentation in which I was the item being marketed. It used very creative, succinct word pictures to sell me. At one of the interviews, the prospective employer actually real aloud to his Business Administrator from the resume: “A skilled negotiator who knows how to prepare cases and resolve them profitably. Wow,” he said, “We sure could use someone like that around here.” He then commented to his Business Administrator, as he continued to read from the resume, “Look at this. He settled a case for over $100,000 after his firm had already closed the file.” I have already recommended you to others!

The revision of my resume and cover letter helped me a lot. It gave me added confidence to contact prospective employers. There were times when I was battling hard to fight off depression. My sessions with you were always uplifting. I would leave each session feeling renewed hope that it was all going to work out just fine. This helped me get through a very difficult time in my life.

Before I started your program I was scared and frustrated. Now I am more positive. I have learned I have skills, and that there are jobs that are ideally suited to my skill set and personality. This was, for me, very worthwhile. Even without your professional analysis, the process itself is a tremendous self-analysis tool.

The biggest single benefit I received from your program was an improved confidence level.

Your program definitely helped me find my new position. I would not even have considered my current position – which is a good fit! – without having participated in your program.

Working with you increased my own understanding of my value as a leader and employee. I learned how to succeed in getting interviews and offers through non-traditional routes. My participation in the program was directly related to obtaining my new position. Although no position was actually available here, they created one for me.

My participation in your program has been the best investment I have made in years.

I am going on two interviews today and I wanted to thank you, as I believe the new resume helped me get in the door.