You made my day! I am very proud of him (her husband, our client) I know he will do a bang up job at (new company). No suits or ties, trains, terrorist attacks, delays and 15 hour days. And the fringe benefits are great. Thanks again, pardner!
– the client was a Wall Street lawyer who re-careered into a management role with a sports and entertainment company in the suburbs.

I wanted to let you know I landed the position with (company). Thanks for so much help. I really value the process we went through. It confirmed, in a diagnostic and clear way, many of the thoughts and feeling I’ve had about myself for a long time, and I got a great resume to boot. Thanks again!

I am a former client of your firm from way back in 1999. I came to your firm for guidance as I needed to make a radical career change. After extensive analysis, we decided on transitioning into market research. It was the best investment I ever made. I love my new career (not so new now after more than a dozen years). I did everything I was advised to do and after a few months, I did find a position. I wanted you to know how far I have come. I simply can’t thank you enough!

I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you for the new resume and cover letter. Job hunting is very stressful and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help. Both the resume and cover letter are excellent – much better than the ones I attempted. I feel much more confident applying for jobs. You have made a frustrating situation much more bearable. Thanks.

Yes, this actually happened! I got a call yesterday from (major movie studio). I was on the phone for close to 2 hours. They wanted the book immediately. They want to consider an animated TV series, an animated film and a live action film.
– lawyer turned author and screenwriter.

Well, I got the job. I am now Director of Alumni Relations. The process that I went through with you gave me the perspective (and courage) that I needed to take the leap out of the practice of law. I wound up in a position that I never would have foreseen. And, I love the fact that this new role opens many doors to me – it will likely lead my career in a direction that I cannot even see right now. How exciting!

Please feel free to share this with clients. I want to thank you for your help in finding a new career. I know I was a tough case. I was ready to give up. Before I started working with you, I would just send a resume and wait. So thanks for the excellent coaching. Actually, you and I were just getting started. I miss the appointments. I really learned a lot. An addendum. Thanks to your coaching and encouragement, I actually ended up with three different offers! All of these opportunities came as a result of your coaching.”

It’s a pretty damn good deal! And I’m not going to have to be in a situation where I will have to kill what I eat!

The theories and techniques that you teach helped me shorten my job search.

As tough as it is out there, they are going to figure out the way for me to land a job.

What I received from Career Strategies was a more clear idea of what I am looking for in the future. They pinpointed my strengths and showed me that want ads are a small part of a search.”

This is the best resume I have ever had. I see now how my past work history really will benefit my future, where I had thought otherwise. It is hard for some individuals to recognize their skills and knowledge which they can use to sell themselves. Career Strategies find the individual’s skills. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Career Strategies said they could help me to obtain a new perspective on career opportunities for myself. They fulfilled this objective. Their Career Options Assessment process helped me identify my transferable skills, and then Career Strategies identified several possible career paths.

Career Strategies’ Career Options Assessment demonstrated capabilities and qualities in myself that I was not aware of or that I took for granted: Leadership, persistence, and other capabilities. They helped me improve my presentation and showed me that I wasn’t projecting an executive image. They helped me see things in a different light. They identified accomplishments that I never paid attention to or took any stock in.