Their program have me the needed customization that I required to pursue a new job. They helped in maintaining a good attitude and by giving effective search methods. They provided me with motivation and gave me ample material and ideas on how to get a job. I am very glad that I decided to work with them.

What I got from Career Strategies was a clear direction, organization, job search leads, effective materials and the resources to do a successful search. I learned that I had the skills to succeed in a field where I felt I couldn’t. I feel the program is very beneficial and I would recommend it to others seeking a new career.

From your advertising, I believed you would assist me in my job search. I was right. From our first discussion, I knew that Career Strategies had much to offer, could help broaden my outlook and focus my search. I have discovered many things about myself and your feedback has been very helpful.

Among the benefits I received from Career Strategies was insight, information, strategies, tactics and resources. What I learned from them is that I CAN DO IT! They really delivered!

“The Career Strategies process is working! I have an interview lined up already for an agency that needs someone to work its insurance defense cases, then I received another call that same day from a (major carrier) and they interviewed me over the phone. They asked all the stuff we had prepared for, and I slam dunked it. I am meeting with them next week.”

Thank you for your help. One hour with you and I got off my rear end and found a new position. You are very good at what you do!

I think you did a very thorough job preparing me. I went into the interview, saw what they needed. I could read between the lines. I did what you said. I did not go in there looking for a job, I went in as someone who could solve their problems. I had a nice presentation about how I could make them money and save them money. It was a different approach. I picked it up from your (job search strategies) webinar. It was like you were there talking me through it.
– former litigator who is now in-house in a transactional position

David P. received a rejection letter from the Personnel Dept. Thereafter, with our help, he identified one of the company’s Senior Vice Presidents and mailed him a letter we had ghost written. Using our 30-second introduction technique, he then called the executive. An interview was booked, and David was on the way to a new career. A former attorney (one of our legal placement services), David is now a senior executive handling corporate operations.

Attorney career change client Joel G, before becoming a client, had sent his resume to a classified ad and received a rejection. The same ad ran two months later. This time Joel sent in his new Career Strategies resume. The company called him for an interview, and Joel is now an entertainment industry executive.

It was a lot! I wasn’t expecting as many options for me!
– 35-year-old securities attorney after getting his Viable Career Options report from us.

Donald L. using our negotiation techniques, netted an additional $12,740 over what had been the company’s final offer.

Frank P., a small business owner for 13 years, lost his business at age 50. We repackaged him for a new career in an industry where he had absolutely no prior experience. Today, he is the Director of Marketing for a financial services organization.

Mark this one down as another success story. This never would have happened without PSP and your resume. Thanks. I just didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore. I wanted to use my business and planning skills and work with emerging growth companies. Now I’m in investment banking. This is really the right thing for me. It’s everything I was looking for. It was also a great deal economically, with a base salary plus equity in the firm. From my point of view, it’s perfect. It was a classic case of your unique approach working. I can’t thank you enough.
— Andrew L., now in finance.

This was the best thing I’ve ever done. The work is exactly what I want to do. I have a salary and a piece of the company. The potential here is unlimited. Your process really works!
— Peter V., now in the bicycle manufacturing business.