First and foremost, I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!! Now I know what you meant when you said that my skills were transferable and that I did not need to know the subject area in order to find – and be good at – another job. I love the new responsibilities and the higher level of authority. Working with you got me where I am. Without your help, advice and encouragement, I know this would not have happened. Thanks again for everything.
–Victoria M, attorney, now a senior government agency official.

They said it was the most compelling resume and cover letter they’d ever seen. Thank you.
– Charles R., now in sports promotion.

They told me that after seeing my resume, they couldn’t wait to meet me. And I got the job!
– Susan B., now grants administrator at a foundation.

As you know, I recently won the position of Executive Director of (a non-profit agency). I will be working out of Philadelphia, which I had always been a dream of mine. This new career involves many of the interests you identified in PSP. Its duties vary to such a degree as to make it the job that I have been looking for. I didn’t want to let too much time pass before taking the opportunity to thank you, not only for your help but also for the professionalism you exhibited throughout. Your continuous support and follow up helped through an anxious time in my life, and made things possible that I never could have imagined. Thank you again and again.
–Lawrence C, former attorney.

As you know, I have been offered and accepted a public relations positions with (a major resort). This is a lucrative and exciting opportunity for me. I would like to thank the people at Career Strategies for your support and help with my career change. I appreciate all of the advice and encouragement you provided.
–Cathy D, former attorney now in PR.

Your work really paid off. I just wanted to tell you that it worked, and to thank you. I got my new job in just two months!
– Monique H., now in publishing.

After four months of using my own resume, I came to you and found the job of my dreams less than three weeks after I started using the resume you had written. I never could have done it without you.
– TSB, now with a record company.

I just wanted to thank you for writing a winning resume and cover letter. I love my new job and I feel like I am “on my way” at last. I also wanted to tell you I can’t say enough good things about your staff. They made me feel like I’m your only client!
– Jody M., now in market research.

Your overall thoughts, wisdom, caring and input have been invaluable. I actually sign my new employment contract tomorrow, and would be honored to take you to dinner to celebrate.
–Jeff G, who is now with a law firm.

Career Strategies has given me focus and opened up options, based on my skills, that I never really considered before. Your PSP process helped me identify my range of skills, some of which I knew I had, others of which I ‘discovered’ for the first time. It also builds confidence. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.
–Leslie P, attorney now a business executive.

The analysis in your PSP process have me a reference point to evaluate prospective positions, and you and your staff gave me encouragement and guidance when I most needed it. You strategized comprehensively, instructed effectively and coached expertly. Your program and staff are excellent.
–Joe L, former lawyer now in employee relations.

Fantastic! I am really very pleased with my new resume. It’s already working its magic. The resume shows I have accomplished a lot of important things during my career. The presentation really puts everything into a very compelling sales piece. Comparing my new resume to my old one is like comparing a Ferrari to a Chevy. I will continue to spread the Career Strategies gospel.
–Timothy P.

My hopes have been realized, and last week I started my new position. It is intellectually stimulating work. Thank you for all of your assistance. Your program helped me focus on what I really wanted to do and on how to get there. I am deeply grateful for the support. I wish you and your company continued success.
–Richard S., now in judicial administration.