The Brand Strategy Program



What makes you a better candidate than other contenders with similar credentials? Why should they hire you over another candidate? Name just one thing about your value that the other candidates can’t claim. Just one thing.

Answer correctly, you win.  Answer the same way as your competitors, you lose.

We work with senior level executives and attorneys. They are competing against people who are also senior level, and who are men and women of accomplishment. The level of the playing field is extremely high, and the quality of the competitors is outstanding

Winning requires a competitive edge.

We can give it to you.

The Personal Branding program gives you the Competitive Edge you need to prevail over the other candidates.

It fulfills three very crucial design missions:

  • To show, in clear terms, why you are a good lawyer or executive and how you have proven it
  • To provide a unique value statement by identifying your contributory abilities and skills, and how you have applied them to overcome challenges and produce results
  • To show why they should hire you versus another candidate with basically the same skills and experience by finding that one thing (or more) that differentiates you from the rest of the pack

Clearly, the key to changing jobs successfully is to demonstrate the full scope of your abilities, and the unique contributions you can make. The Brand Strategy program provides us with that information by establishing how and why you’ve been successful, and how these same skills can benefit your new firm or company. We can accurately document how you have gone “above and beyond” to produce results for your clients and/or employers

All too often executives and attorneys find they are pigeon-holed as only being valuable to companies in the industry where they have the most experience. Whether your background is pharmaceuticals, financial services, healthcare, real estate, technology or other sector, many people think they are trapped.

We can set you free.

We know from our two and one-half decades of experience that executives and lawyers deal with a wide variety of problems and challenges that are outside of their primary duties. Whether it involves dealing with a lender, resolving an employee issue, negotiating a contract or lease, handling client relations problem, or keeping a team productive and efficient, the issues generally transcend any particular industry or specialty.

With this program, we can establish the transferability of your skills and experience, and show potential employers outside your primary industry of experience that you can produce value right away, and can bring other skills and perspectives that can be extremely helpful to the organization.

The Personal Branding – Competitive Edge process involves at least two consultations and some off-line analysis by us to identify the components of your personal brand. The Standard version involves a total of 2.5 hours. There is a Masters version at 3.5 hours, which involves three sessions and more time spent in the deep dive process.

These programs are very fast, and can be completed in a 5 to 10 day period. For more information, click here:

For those who are primarily interested in obtaining a new job in their current field – but who would also like to know what else they may be suited for, both in terms of skills and temperament — we offer a special “blended” program.

This program contains all of the elements of the Brand Strategy programs, PLUS the review of several standardized career assessment instruments, and discussion of one’s preferences about work style, role in a hierarchical structure, preferred types of challenges, desired work/life balance and other personal likes and dislikes.

This low-cost program is particularly apt for those who have somewhat of a sense of career direction, but who are wondering if they could make a change in the trajectory of their careers.                                                                                         

The Branding/Career Options blend program involves 4 coaching sessions plus a consultant’s time for off-line analysis and preparation of a written summary of the findings. Additional consulting time, if needed, is available.

Once we have established your Brand Strategy, we use it as the basis for the creation of new resume and cover letter so that your effectiveness and Competitive Edge can be taken to the market. The Branding programs are not sold without a resume package.

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Most job seekers make the same claims and fail to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The Branding/Competitive Edge program gives you a unique, clearly defined identity and provides potential employers with concrete evidence of your value. That’s a Competitive Edge that can make you a winner!