Career Options Identification and Assessment

What else can I do with the skills that I have developed that is also consistent with my interests, values and personal goals
(and where I won’t take a pay cut)?

If you are like many of our clients, the major issue in your career is one of direction: given your background, skills and interests, what are your career options, and of those, which is the best option to pursue? You will need to focus your thinking, and make a rational decision based on facts and market realities.

The approach strategy we developed to identify and prioritize your options, create appropriate materials, and prepare you for the job search, begins with the Personal Success Profile, a process created and copyrighted by Career Strategies.

The Personal Success Profile, or “PSP,” was created to fulfill two design missions: 1) To identify viable career options for those clients considering a career change and 2) To provide a competitive edge for clients by identifying their unique abilities and skills

PSP is initially used to identify successes from various aspects of your life, both personal and professional. Those successes are then analyzed, and the skills involved in each are identified.

Many people are trapped in jobs where they are using what are known as “unmotivated skills,” meaning they are good at things that they don’t enjoy doing, or that they are tired of doing. People in this situation no longer feel challenged … However, they oftentimes are not sure what they want to do next with their careers, or what their reasonable options may be. The PSP process can answer both questions.

With PSP, once we have ascertained your “motivated skills” — things you do well and enjoy doing — we will identify career options that are consistent with those skills. We will go through the possibilities together, and select the best career option available.

At this point, we will have focus and direction for the marketing campaign. Once you have a destination in mind, we can map out a strategic plan to get you there.

PSP helps you focus on the type of position you would like to obtain, and helps you crystallize your thinking about your career direction. PSP also clearly identifies your competitive points of advantage. Some of that information can be used in your resume, some in supporting letters, and other aspects can be used in interview situations. For more information about our Career Options programs, click here:

We have PSP programs of various lengths, depending upon the complexities of a client’s case. Upon completion of the testing package, a written report summarizing the findings will be prepared and presented. Thereafter, depending upon the program chosen, we can hold one or more additional meetings to clarify your options and help you make a well-reasoned career choice.

Total time: 5.5 – 11+ hours

PSP tells us about your skills, values and interests. We use that information, plus our in-depth knowledge of “what’s out there,” to identify jobs that that would suit you … and by so doing, we give you control over your career.


These vehicles will provide the clarity you are seeking about what to do next in your career.

Regardless of the program you select, PSP is a remarkably dynamic process that gives us the information we need to develop and support a strategy that will position you to get the best job you’re qualified for, at the best salary, in the right kind of organization.

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