PSP Senior 11


PSP Senior involves a structured program of 11 hours

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PSP Senior 11 – Masters Level – 7 sessions

  • Our most comprehensive program
  • Designed for those who wish a highly rigorous examination of their skills, interests, values, qualifications and career options.
  • Uses a more complete series of questionnaires
  • More time is spent in the counseling and examination process (assessment meetings totaling 5-6 hours) and in the preparation of the written report (3.5-4 hours).
  • The report is presented and reviewed by a consultant (1 hour).
  • More time is spent after submission of the final report; up to two more meetings are included to review options and finalize your career direction.
  • If we feel more testing is indicated to resolve specific issues, such testing is done at no extra charge.

PSP Senior involves a structured program of 11 hours.

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