Direct mailing of your resume to companies – Go Directly to Top Executives


Direct resume mailing to top executives

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In addition to researching and identifying companies and executives, we can prepare personalized mailings to your resume and cover letter directly to hiring managers.
As with Program #2, this service is so old it is new again. And we heartily welcome it back, because it works. This program takes much of the burden off you as the job seeker. We use database research to identify suitable employers for you based by industry, revenue, head count, and location parameters, and then find their top decision-makers. This service then custom prints individual cover letters, envelopes and resumes.

We like this program because it gets you directly into the hidden job market, and increases your chances of being in the right place at the right time with the right message. Hiring executives will personally receive your resume and letter, on good paper stock and well printed. It makes a great first impression. Prices begin at $525 for 150 letters. This is not an inexpensive program but even so, we strongly recommend it because it has proven time and again to generate job offers.

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