Find Your Next 6-figure Job with Facebook. Yes, Facebook! 5-Part Guide: $19.95


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With more than 1.2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has the potential to connect you with your

next job. With nearly six times as many unique monthly visitors as LinkedIn, it’s no wonder then that

job seekers are finding Facebook is an increasingly important tool in a well-rounded job search

In this full illustrated guide, with many screen shots, you’ll learn how to use Facebook to build your

job search network, research prospective employers, and connect with tools that can specifically help

you in your job search.

If you don’t already have a Facebook account, this guide will make it easy to set one up. If you are

already a Facebook user, it will show you how to use the privacy settings so you are only showing

the information you want to share. This easy-to-understand guide will also show you how to use

Facebook for research, how to use it to build an effective online network, and reveal some Facebook-
integrated applications that will assist you in your network-building and job search.

If you want to speed up your job search, this powerful guide is a “must.” Order your copy today! Just

return this email to us with a note that you want our Facebook guide, or email us by clicking this link, requesting your copy, and it will be sent right to you after payment

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