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You may be a creative problem solver, but are you being pedantic in your approach to your job


If you are doing what everyone else is doing — basing your campaign on responding to positions

identified through the internet, or through classifieds, recruiters and old-fashioned networking — you

are missing out on fully 80% of the market. So where do you find the 80% of the hidden jobs? We

know. And we will show you.

Our comprehensive webinar series involves 4-parts and 2.5 hours of content. Although addressed to

lawyers, the workshop also applies equally well to executives and professionals. It is hosted by Career

Strategies founder Bruce Blackwell, recognized as “a leading career expert” by the New York State

Bar Association, and Coach Doug Brown, JD, currently acting Executive Director of the Connecticut

Bar Association and an acknowledged Rising Star in the Law.

This is an excellent resource for those who feel stuck in their careers, stymied in their job searches or

who need to learn the essentials of search in today’s economy.

Our webinar is a leading-edge workshop that will put you light years ahead of your job search

competitors! The webinar looks at the difference between “traditional” and “innovative” job search

methods, and is based on intensive, inter-disciplinary research. The webinar covers the Eight Sources

of Job Leads and includes such topics as:

a) Classified and On-line Listings — Get expert information on how to improve your response rate

to your on-line job search. We’ll show you techniques that will enable you to break through the clutter

of other candidates.

b) Recruiters — Search firms handle about 10-15% of all job placements. They most likely will not

be helpful to you. We will explain why. We will also show you how to find, approach and derive

maximum benefit from search firms and headhunters.

c) Old-fashioned Networking — Asking people if they know of job openings is part of a traditional

job search. But it is a painful and sometimes demeaning process. Most lawyers don’t have good

networks, and even if they did, they would not want to use them. We will show you some easy

networking methods that work!

d) Internet Search Methods — We provide vital, up-to-date information about how to help

companies find you, and how you can find companies. The internet is a critical tool in a job search.

This shows you how to use it effectively.

e) Direct Contact — This chapter provides tools you can use to go directly to the corporate decision-
makers who can hire you. It also shows you techniques for avoiding the black hole of Human


f) Targeting — We will show you how you can get a job at a firm where you want to work, and how

to use just a few companies as the basis for your job search campaign.

g) Reconnaissance — It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know … and even more especially,

who you get to know. This technique shows you how to build a powerful network from scratch, and

how to get into a company’s hiring loop before the opening is advertised.

h) Social Media — The most powerful new tool in job search is a technology that didn’t even exist a

few years ago. We will explain how to create a powerful on-line presence using LinkedIn and other

social media resources.

i) Event “Spot Opportunity” Marketing — This unique program shows you how to find job

opportunities before anyone else, and how to generate meetings with senior corporate executives.

It is one of the least known but most effective and productive of all job search methods, and is a

particular strength of Career Strategies.

At $195., the 2.5 hour Complete Version of this powerful webinar will enable you to take charge of

your job search and accelerate your campaign for about the cost of a nice dinner for two!