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Not sure how to start your job search? Thinking about exploring your career options but don’t know

where to begin? This guidebook will tell you. Based on our 20+ years of counseling attorneys, the

manual is packed with practical information about job search methods and alternative legal careers.

The book begins with issues regarding the practice of law and factors behind legal career

dissatisfaction. It will help you determine if you are in the right job. It then addresses the realities of

today’s job market, and what it takes to succeed.

For those seeking to explore their career options, it addresses how you can identify your real skills not

just your practice area skills. It will show you how to break out of the trap of being good at something

that you don’t enjoy doing, and will give you tips on how to identify what else is “out there” for

lawyers seeking alternative careers. As a BONUS feature, we have a special section on the many

career possibilities for lawyers, by function and industry.

The next sections deal with ways to conduct a successful, efficient job search. We provide concrete

guidance on how to prepare a powerful resume that immediately shows the true value that you are

offering, and why you are a candidate worthy of serious consideration. We will show you how to

prepare a document that breaks you away from the clutter all of the other resumes that employers

receive. We also address how to use the cover letter as a dynamic marketing tool, instead of just a

wrapper for your resume.

We then get to the actual job search. As in a litigation, the winner in a job search is often the person

who is best prepared. We will show you how to prepare a step-by-step Marketing Action Plan to guide

you in your search. We will help you identify your “buyer profile,” your price points, set an overall

campaign strategy, and show you how to find job opportunities before they become widely known.

We deal with the traditional methods — Classifieds, Recruiters and Networking – and how to do them

more effectively. But we then focus on newer, more innovative methods — Indirect Networking,

Targeting, Opportunity Marketing and Social Media – that are much more effective in generating

interviews. We provide knowledge that will help you run a better campaign than your competitors.

Getting interviews is important, but winning at an interview is critical. Lawyers are often not good at

“selling themselves.” The book is packed with information about what you need to do to prepare for

an interview, communicate your value, and to turn an interview into an offer. This section also

provides insight on handling the hard questions about age and experience that you don’t want them to


In our Bonus sections, we have additional job search and career development tips, and debunk some

commonly believed job search myths that actually prevent job seekers from being successful.

“Caught By the Law” is based on what we have learned in 20+ years of coaching lawyers on job

search and re-careering. This specially priced preview edition of an upcoming full-length book will

give you information, ideas and the motivation to help get your career to the next level.

To order your copy, return this email to us with a note indicating your purchase preference or click on

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