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Having a career coach is like having a personal trainer to help you reach your potential. Your coach helps you learn how to apply best-in-class job search strategies to your particular situation.

Typical results from a coaching relationship

  • A clear plan you can execute and measure.
  • Time to work on your search, do your job and still have a life.
  • Focus  and follow through on what you need to do to succeed.
  • Experienced guidance to help you focus on what works and avoid spinning your wheels.
  • Expertise to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.
  • A better career.

The focus in coaching is teaching the client new skills, providing solid insight and guidance based on years of research and experience,  and helping them implement and sustain effective new behaviors and job search practices.  We will help you find answers and get results.

We offer programs on-line, via phone (or Skype), and in person.  Contact us today to make an appointment.
New Lawyer 1-3 Years in practice


Experienced Lawyer 4+ Years in practice